A new and wonderful podcast

Why I use a static site generator (and store all my content in a public Git repo)

Does Twitter want to win?

Implementing blog theme bells and whistles in Hugo: pagination, pages, related posts, and tag lists

Marketing automation and lead nurturing: creating sales-ready leads

Why is General Electric starting an app store?

Transforming personalization from creepy to cool

Your prospect is machines

Why branding doesn't matter (just kidding)

Re-positioning digital marketing

Don't worry about them

Why didn't Google Here work out?

Does progressive profiling work?

Marketing analysts and technologists have bigger roles to play

What is marketing?

About 'Rogue IT'

Key questions to answer when re-writing your site's content

Engaging your subconscious

Great experimental marketing sites

Twitter's got it right?

Marquess, a bash script that makes it easy to use PrinceXML for templated collateral generation

Content doesn't have to expire, but if it does, try to match the user's intent

Responsive diagrams and photos

Why does enterprise software look so bad?

Accepting error to make less error

Twitter marketing

Why don't people trust algorithms?

Styles of translating Ancient Greek

Entertaining yourself is a key part of learning

Writing good email copy

Workout journal formatting

Workout strategies for new parents and other busy people

Simplify, or your users will do it for you

A bundle of routines

Buying stamps is painful, or, philately will get you nowhere

Bringing an old project (Kitify) back to life

Young warrior

Historicism and psychohistory


Migrating a blog (yes, this one!) from Wordpress to Hugo

Using Agile concepts to manage Marketing work

Carl Linnaeus

Marketing as craft

Help your customers unsubscribe

Testing fast enough

How to avoid running online advertising experiments

5 web marketing tips for your new business

Implementing Marketo progressive profiling in Javascript

Emotional laziness and the discomfort of working on important problems

Important things can be difficult to measure (but we should still try)

Why isn't mesh networking more popular?

I would pay for Twitter. In fact, I would prefer to pay for Twitter.

Enthusiasm and criticism

Revenue marketing and content marketing are two sides of the same coin

Ways of communicating

Structure without content

Why I care about numbers

Tim, a simple Arduino-based timer

Some cool new technologies

Hacking is the skill of...?

Why is major marketing collateral still published as PDFs?

I can't believe how painful it is to order business cards

The death and life of great American offices

The 1-bit interface

The startup as a game

The Manhattan Bridge

Leapfrogging, or why I'm getting rid of my to-do lists

What do you get when you buy through a third party?

How to write marketing copy quickly

Handshake Con

Choose constraints wisely

Building Kitify, my first modern web app (in Rails), Part 3

Working and the information problem

Grape bread 2

Fixing your own laptop, and the importance of do-it-yourself to society

Building Kitify, my first modern web app (in Rails), Part 2

A flight deck with a million gauges


Building Kitify, my first modern web app (in Rails)

A Ulam (prime number spiral) quilt

Some thoughts on reading "The Lean Startup"

Thing stories

Making springs

Joke file

Ricotta, crackers and zucchini ribbons

Some observations on hackerspaces after reading Hackerspaces: The Beginning

Pepper soup and oysters

Osso buco

Make your own tea towels

The hackerspace design patterns book

Competitive advantage and handwritten powerpoint slides

What motivates content creators?

The cloud for physical objects?

Making things maker-friendly

We are our own novels

Organic systems

Are avocadoes "vegan eggs"?

The original bartender's guide, some of which is in verse

What I learned at my first Open Hardware Summit

Designing a 3D printer kit: Packaging

Rose, orange blossom, and elderflower marshmallows

Designing a 3D printer kit: Sourcing parts

Measuring creativity

Designing a 3D printer kit: Introduction

Jumpstarting a car

Designing your own business cards with Inkscape

FedExing donuffins cross-country

Making cast-resin 3D printer parts

Understanding the differences between pasta shapes, or why it's "fettucine alfredo"

Why bother with Marshall McLuhan?

Your sketchbook, your portfolio

Introducing the "donuffin"... a donut-muffin hybrid. With beets!

Where is open source 3D printing going?

Oil-poached turbot

Building a vacuum forming machine

Why I dropped Pligg for Drupal's Drigg

What's the difference between curly and flat parsley?

"It was a nice party anyway": the wonderful history of the Whole Earth Catalog

Mushroom soup

Peach cobbler

Electron pushers

What does it mean to "do what comes naturally"?

How to roll pasta dough with a rolling pin

Catering 2

Better living through adjectives

Miniature carrot soufflés

Thinking more about the open source business plan idea

Virtual grocery shopping

Homemade beet ravioli

Relaunching a web app, listje

How to serve independent creatives?

Can you open source a business plan?

Printing a replacement part... on your printer

Leftover magic

Guinness-flavored marshmallows

Mussels steamed in white wine and adventures with saffron

A stock market for cocktails

Thinking more about subconscious info processing


Fear of marketing

Why read challenging books?


Banana cardamom ice cream with peanut brittle and raspberries


Tomato tarte tatin

Dealing with Cauliflower



The difference between caramel, butterscotch, and toffee

Beer me, part 4

What is a pomelo?

Polymers are magic

Pâté with balsamic onions, olive oil ice cream and polenta cake, carrot ginger soup with spheres, trout meuniere

Eating sprouted potatoes is fine, and eating eggplant is like smoking

White Russian ice cream and blueberry coffee cake, trout meuniere, carrot-ginger/potato-leek harlequin soup, and other things

Making fondant

Building a Desktop Fabricator (3D Printer), Update

The Pepsi Challenge

Coconut cake with hibiscus sauce, salad with pomegranate seeds, salmon and mashed potatoes, duxelles puff pastry

Beet and carrot salad, green tea cheesecake, and roasted chicken

Building a desktop fabricator (3D Printer), Day 5

Building a desktop fabricator (3D Printer), Day 4

Building a desktop fabricator (3D Printer), Day 3

Building a desktop fabricator (3D Printer), Day 2

Building a desktop fabricator (3D Printer), Day 1

The Four Seasons' pastry kitchen

Asparagus soup, panade and a pear-frangipane tart

Beer me, part 3

Rosemary-lemon chicken, cheese plate with homemade crackers and jams, and tres leches cake

Antipasti, pizza and snow pudding

Rabelais' quarter hour

Hillbilly Gatorade

Philly farm tour

Apple tarte tatin, lamb stew and stuffed peppers

Understanding flour

Dinner for seven

Radish risotto, chicken paillard, cardamom carrots

Borscht, scallops and succotash, and gingerbread trifle

Can explosives tenderize a steak?

Inter allia

Avocado soup, lamb and figs, and a rice fiasco

Tuna, beans and rice, and cilantro salad

Beer me, part 2

Note on turkey

Hot dog economics

Free speech

What is a scallop?

Cast iron seasoning



Building a cheese plate


The maple bacon latte

Chai and breakfast

Gravlax, cucumber jelly, and crackers

Eight courses

Poulet a la fermiere and port sabayon with strawberries


Banana and kiwi pudding

Tarragon chicken, parsnips and carrots, and asparagus

Miniature strawberry country cakes

Braised short ribs, beet chocolate cake, and salad with flowers

Harlequin pepper soup, fried tomatillos, fajitas, jicama and ice cream

Smoke points

Beer me

Beet cakes

Blue cheese soufflé

Ice cream!

Skirt steak, zucchini and pepper sandwiches

Ben's Chili Bowl

Julia Child's kitchen

Vinegar's mom

Pork with mango chutney

Baking soda vs. baking powder

Breadcrumb types


Lemon pudding with basil custard sauce

Spaghetti and meatballs

Grape bread

Burgers and fries

Reading Popper and Boulud

Chocolate chip cookies

Lentil cookies

Two courses

Spaetzle stroganoff

Beet salad, fried Chicken etc., polenta cake

Come fry with me

Experimenting with mousses

Measuring things

The tiger and the goat

Decoding a Parmesan rind

Raita-marinated salmon, and succotash

Puff pastry tarts, and experimenting with glazes

Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

Braised short ribs, polenta and collard Greens



A Graph about cake

Apple tarte tatin


Organizing the refrigerator

Watermelon curry and mustard-glazed salmon


An Anti-Congress?

Trying to understand "Dutch-process" cocoa

Caramel and chocolate pear cake, and a cauliflower curry


Miniature cheesecakes

Lasagna, chard, dal


The mayonnaise experiment

Honey mayonnaise?

Term limits for Congresspeople

Grasshopper tacos

Thanksgiving on British Airways

Dinner with celery root

Macaroni and cheese

Butternut squash curry

Tomatoes and onions

First post

Practical idealism

Only the paranoid survive

Archetypes and oblivion

The real test of understanding

Accountability vs. bureaucracy

Managing process vs. people

More notes about management

The autodidactic corporation

Indicting Worldcom

Reassurance letters

The revolutionaries

After reading books about the founding of Intel