We’ve recorded episode three of our podcast; listen below!

This episode is entitled “What Makes Good Marketing Content?”. We start out talking about whether are general rules for producing good content, and we also talk about:

On the two different types of marketing content:

Justin: Is your marketing content journalism, which has its own existing set of best practices, or is it documentation, which also has its own best practices?

On SEO optimization:

Vincent: One thing that makes it hard to find content that's valuable and worth reading, [is that] marketers are optimizing for organic search, or a lot of them are. They're using tools that are helping them to find, what are the topics that are in demand? They may not actually be creating content that meets that demand, but they might use a headline that does.

On the minimum requirements for good content:

Vincent: The minimum requirement is that the content delivers on the promise that the headline made.

Check out the rest of it and let us know what you think!