We’ve recorded episode two of our podcast; listen below! This episode is entitled “Is Privacy an Obstacle to Better Marketing?”. We start out talking about how to future-proof your marketing career, then end up on a lot of other topics, including:

On relevant advertising:

Justin: On the transparency and integrity thing, it kind of requires everybody to be transparent. It's kind of forced transparency for consumers. The way that you target relevant advertising to them, the only way to do that, is to collect more data on them.

On the future of advertising:

The point I'm trying to make is maybe what we're going toward in terms of advertising, is that advertising is more a feature of a product. It's more integrated with the product itself. It's some extra thing rather than being like a little blob that has a bunch of words or an image.

On “data literacy” for marketers:

Vincent: I think kind of coming full circle on this, which is back to the idea of you know you have someone who's creating great content, but there's this data literacy issue. I think that burden is on the marketer. I think it's also a great opportunity, because you can add a lot of value to organization when you're starting to track onsite behavior, and pull in those data sources.

Check out the rest of it and let us know what you think!