I'm a marketer who understands technology, and a technologist who understands marketing. Things I often help people with include:

Marketing automation. I've had a lot of experience with Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua, and have worked as a admin. I have a deep understanding of best practices for setting things up and getting your marketing ops team working efficiently.

Web technology and experience. I can help you with technology decisions, the process of getting a site set up or relaunched, and ongoing engineering and UX challenges.

Website optimization. I've spent a lot of time building lightweight, effective content and SEO strategies. I'm also versed in conversion rate optimization, particularly A/B testing and user testing, to improve site performance.

Analytics. The number of marketing analytics tools out there is bewildering, and implementation isn't easy, either. I'll work with you to understand what you're trying to measure, figure out what reporting looks like, and I can take care of getting it all up and running for you, too.

If you're interested, you can learn more about me at LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn, or my email address is my first name at this domain.